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Econinja will collaborate with our strategic partners to expand the project throughout Malaysia in the next phase of the project.

Cute hatchling (baby) loggerhead sea turtle (of the caretta caretta specie) crawling to the sea, after leaving the nest at the beach on Bahia coast, Brazil, with footprints on the sand.

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WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO SOMETHING Better For The Environment?

There are various approaches to participate. You can buy tree/coral/turtle for every product or service we provide, contribute a percentage of your sales, set up a recurring donation, or incorporate the projects into your social media campaigns. We are provide funding for tree planting, coral planting, and turtle hatching. 

You can support us by purchasing the tree/coral/turtle and allowing us to complete the project on your behalf. Your assistance is remarkably helpful to the world. You can save the environment for a better long term thereby.

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One Family, One Tree

As part of the Malaysia Greenery Program (Program Penghijauan Malaysia) 2021-2025, Econinja will plant 25,000 trees in Sireh Park to offset carbon in Malaysia. Thus, by maximizing our capacity to effect change between now and 2025, we can shape a brighter future for people and our planet. So join us now to bring change to the nature by participating in our tree planting project.

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Corporate Subscription

Subscription for corporate. Use your options as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or executive manager to help Malaysia's environment. We offer you and your company a variety of ways to get involved with Econinja and help us complete our projects we collaborate.

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Tree Planting

This project promotes increased access to public forests, particularly for underserved communities, as well as opportunities for community engagement and improved public health and nature.

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Coral Planting

We collaborate with local communities, nonprofit organizations, corporations, governments, and funders to create effective and long-term management systems that ensure reefs thrive. If you would like to support us click the donate below.

New born sea turtle walking to the sea
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Turtle Hatching

Your contributions will be used to meet our most demanding conservation needs. If you want your donation to go to a specific programme, please click here to donate or scroll down to support.